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As a professional actor working in Los Angeles, I’m still proud of the excellent foundation I was able to build at AWI. It’s all about listening and answering, folks. Repeat, repeat, repeat!
— HELEN HIGHFIELD, working actor in LA

I was transformed by my six semesters of AWI. Professionally, my teaching style became more supportive, empathetic and interactive. Personally, I discovered a self capable of emotions I never knew before. I made new friends. I discovered an avocation and engagement with theater and film. I have performed in Ithaca College Student Films in which I have explored characters as various as God, Mafia Don, Priest, Father-Athletic Coach, Janitor, Alcoholic and Cadaver.
— Dick Furnas, Local Actor and Cornell Professor of Mathematics

My classmates and I were not individuals competing to be the best, but were a family, a troupe. Without the Actor’s Workshop, I would never have had the skills, confidence and experience to sign with an A-list talent agent and become a working actor. I will always be grateful. AWI’s training can never be rivaled.
— Amanda Setton of Gossip Girl, The Mindy Project and The Crazy Ones

AWI rekindled my love of theater and changed my life. I cherish my time at the Workshop and give Eliza, Katie and David many thanks for helping push me out the studio door I loved passing through into the acting life I now enjoy.
— Kristin Sad, Grandmother, Local Actor

The training I have received at the Actor’s Workshop has brought me to new heights in many areas, especially in the realm of filmmaking. I owe my success and other personal successes to AWI. I am currently producing my first feature film. Most of the cast are from the AWI community. I wanted the best actors I could find.
— Daniel Masciari, award winning filmmaker and editor

I write fiction for a living, and I doubt I would have made the New York Times Bestsellers list without AWI. The Workshop changed my writing. The Workshop changed my life. . . . It was the first time I felt truly truly alive. . . . All you have to do is step over that threshold once and I promise you, exhilaration awaits.
— DEIRDRE (MARTIN) LEVINE, Local Actor and New York Times Best Selling Author

This is far more than an acting class. It is a lesson in who you are, and how to find and move your
emotions, and how to relate directly and honestly and effectively with others, and how to be fearless and focused when performing. We learned transformative life skills which made us not just a more effective actors, but also a richer people. Do this!
— Mike Donato, Actor and Entrepreneur