The Actor's Workshop of Ithaca
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Semester 4

Coming Home to Be Alone


This exercise involves using your imagination in ways you haven’t had to in the earlier parts of your training.  Coming Home works as follows.

First, one actor prepares (more on this later.)

The two partners are roommates.  Both set up the space before officially beginning the exercise, creating their own space.   The space should resemble the student’s personal bedroom/living space as much as possible.  Actors should bring in photos, bedding, clothes, and any relevant personal items.

After the space is set up, the prepared actor exits. Before entering, the entering actor does a very quick mini-external circumstances prep (and any other additional prep work they need), while the other actors preps onstage. Then the actor offstage enters and the two actors simply work off one another. 


Requirements of entering actor’s mini-external circumstance:

Coming home to be alone- the actor must come home and cannot leave for any reason.  They need their partner to leave immediately or dire consequences will result. 

Requirements of at-home actor's mini-external circumstance:

Must have to stay home at all costs.


This exercise is a turning point in your training.  Up until now you have learned to alter yourself while working off your partner, now you must alter yourself, your circumstances and your surroundings as well.  This stage of the work will take up about a fourth of the semester and is the foundation for relationship and intention work. While preparing for this exercise, students should utilize the work they learned in all three previous semesters.