The Actor's Workshop of Ithaca
Big City Training, Small Town Attention


The Actor's Workshop of Ithaca: What de teach? How do we teach it? When are classes? Check out this page for all the info.

Our Studio

"After auditioning actors from New York and AWI grads, AWI graduates ended up nailing the auditions and landing most of the lead and supporting roles in my feature film. I continue to get feedback from producers about the excellence of the acting. The training offered right here in Ithaca through AWI is unparalleled."

Cathy Lee Crane
Award Winning Filmmaker & Ithaca College Film Professor


Big City Training,
Small Town Attention

AWI is a Meisner Technique and audition prep studio located in Ithaca NY.  

Our students hail from as close as Ithaca and commute from as far as Pennsylvania.

Discover training found in elite universities with the individual attention and affordability of a small town.


Many universities and studios focus on one specific skillset actors need to succeed.
At AWI,  we believe every acting student must leave their training armed
with technique, audition skills, marketing savvy, and performance experience.
When our students leave our studio, they have the tools needed to act locally, or nationally.

  • Master the technique sought after by agent

  • Learn how to nail your audition for TV, film and theater

  • Experience dedicated mentoring from knowledgeable staff  

  • Perform in sold out student showcases

  • Foster connections nationally and become a valued part of the local theater scene

  • Join a class of diverse, welcoming people and create lifelong friendship 

What you'll learn... the specifics.

Meisner Technique
At AWI you'll have the opportunity to complete a comprehensive five semester Meisner Technique program.
Our technique is highly respected in the industry and hard to find outside of NYC and LA, which is why many of our student commute.



  • The Meisner Technique was developed by Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse from 1935-1990. 
  • Meisner's cutting-edge approach taught students to stop "acting" and instead react honestly to their partner moment by moment. 
  • Meisner trained actors are currently highly sought after by talent agents and casting agents. 
  • If you want to pursue acting as a hobby a unique, Meisner will give you the  opportunity to learn the technique of professionals. 
  • If your dream is to act in New York or L.A., you’ll have an exemplary addition to their resume.
  • You will leave our studio armed with the ability to compete with professionals on a national scale, or to land parts locally, on stage and screen.

Audition Skills

Audition Training: We prepare the whole actor. 

  • Make an impact when you enter the room.
  • Give a great cold reading.
  • Prepare emailed sides for callbacks.
  • Nail on-camera auditions.
  • Leave your audition sending the right message.
  • Communicate well in auditions with casting directors, talent agents and even difficult directors.
  • Dress for your audition.


Our students don't just train, they perform.

  • At the end of our Fall and Spring semesters, our students act in a series of one act plays and monologues for the public.
  • AWI students perform to consistently sold out houses in Risley Theater on Cornell University's campus.
  • Performances are attended by friends, family, and the Ithaca theater community.
  • Showcases often lead to performing opportunities outside of AWI, including film roles.  
  • Students can also audition for full length shows directed by our stellar directors.



Our students consistently report our integrated marketing training sets us apart from other studios.

  • Match your skills with how you present.
  • Refine your elevator pitch.
  • Pick the perfect headshot.
  • Create a theatrical or film resume.
  • Network with integrity, yet strategically.
  • Connect with talent agents and casting directors.
  • Interview effectively with agents.
  • Optimize your contacts so you can successfully create your own work.
  • Brand yourself.
  • Take advantage of our successful AWI community of grads.



How can join?

  • No previous experience is necessary, but an openness to learning and awakening your creativity is a must.
  • These classes are intended for adults. Students must be at least 17 years old to register for the Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs classes and 18 years old for the Sunday class


Meisner Technique classes follow the collegiate calendar. Each section meets twice a week for 12-15 weeks per semester. 


  • M/W, 5pm-8pm
    Instructor: Eliza VanCort
    Class begins Sept. 13, 2018

  • T/Th, 10am-12pm
    Instructor: Katie SpalloneClass begins Sept. 14, 2018

  • T/Th, 5pm-8pm
    Instructor: David Kossack
    Class begins Sept. 7, 2018



Meisner Technique:
545.00 per 12-15 week semester

August 2018
receive 15% off
Fall Semester Tuition!


Refund Policy

Cutoff Tuition Refunds:

  • 4 weeks before the first day of the semester: 100%
  • 3 weeks before the first day of the semester: 75%   
  • 2 weeks before the first day of the semester      50%
  • 1 weeks before the first day of the semester: 25%
  • On or after the first day of the semester : 0%

To keep up with the day to day adventures of the AWI community, please visit our facebook page.